UUNI 3 Wood-fired Oven is Able to Shell Out Perfect Pizzas in 60 Seconds


Like it reads on the website on which you can buy the UUNI 3 Wood-fired Oven if you want to cook wood-fired pizza you need a pizza oven. And the problem is that most food-fired pizza ovens are either very expensive or they take too much space. And if you want to build one on your own, be ready to invest lots of time into erecting one. Pizza ovens made out of bricks will last you for a lifetime, but you’ll need enough free space in your backyard and you won’t be able to magically remove the oven once you’ve done with making your favorite food. With the UUNI 3 Wood-fired Oven you will have a small wood-fired oven capable of making perfect pizzas in just 60 seconds that’s not expensive and that can be stored when not used.

The oven may look huge on photos, but once you see the oven placed on a table you’ll that’s actually a pretty small oven. It looks like a spaceship, like some weird spaceship that came from steampunk world. The oven is fed with wood pellets, making it easy to fire it up and keep the flame rolling until the temperature is right. And the UUNI 3 Wood-fired Oven can get pretty hot. Its max temperature is a blazing 932 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to shell out crispy pizza in just 60 seconds. The oven is made in order to be portable; you can carry it on camping, or to your friend’s party and share the magic of making perfect pizzas with the rest of the party.

The oven features a quick-release chimney that does its job excellently, and that can be removed in seconds. Just clip the chimney, fold out the legs, find some wood pellets and fire up the burner, and you’ll be ready to become a master pizza maker. The best thing about the oven is that the thing is pretty small, light, and portable. It can be set-up and fired up in minutes, so you don’t even have to plan for a pizza-making event. Just go to your backyard, set the oven up, and start baking.

Aside from pizzas, the UUNI 3 Wood-fired Oven is perfect for cooking meat (fish as well as steaks), veggies, and various other food. If you have the knows and hows, you can make a perfect homemade bread in the back of your house.

The oven is made out of stainless steel and features a Cordierite Stone Baking Board, meaning you don’t have an extra pizza stone; the stone baking board is of top quality and can make the crust as crispy as it is on pizzas made in Sicily inside ovens that are hundreds of years old. The UUNI 3 Wood-fired Oven can be yours for $299. A special version that comes with a weatherproof cover costs $338.

$299 USD

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