Vapor Storm Light Rain Jacket – a New Waterproof Light Jacket by First Lite


First Lite Clothing has introduced lightweight, slim, compact and, above all, a waterproof jacket for hunting РVapor Stormlight Rain Jacket. The model has been developed based on a denser pattern Seak Stormtight Hardshell Jacket. The jacket represents a reliable backup protection from the rain, which is lightweight. Besides, it takes virtually no space in your backpack and folds into its own pocket.

Jacket Vapor Stormlight Rain Jacket is made of lightweight and thin double layer of materials. The outer layer is made of waterproof material with an additional water-repellent treatment. Inside, there is vapor permeable lining technology 37.5 from Cocona brand. This technology, provides a higher level of water vapor permeability, and also increases the overall speed of drying material.

The design of the jacket includes a storm hood Turret Hood with three-zone adjustment and high collar, underestimated the back, shaped sleeves with adjustable cuffs, adjustable bottom edge of the volume, the central buckle on waterproof zipper, plus two external pockets and one internal. The average weight of the jacket is declared at the level of 340 grams.

New waterproof jacket First Lite Vapor Stormlight Rain Jacket in five color options, including branded hunting camouflage First Lite Fusion and ASAT Camo. The suggested retail price of jackets from $ 275, excluding delivery.

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$300 USD

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