Vargo Titanium Para Bottle – an Innovative Water Bottle that Won’t Corrode


Vargo Outdoors released a new water bottle for outdoors with a name of Titanium Para-Bottle. The manufacturer of the bottle intended to create a universal bottle or jar, which does not corrode and does not interact with the liquid inside. The titanium para bottle is environmentally safe and completely bio-degradable.

vargo titanium bottle

The design of the titanium flask is now undergoing a patenting stage. It provides a wide neck for water filters and a convenient faceted lid food grade silicone o-ring at the top of the neck. The lid makes it easier to hold and reduces slippages during opening the bottle. There is customizable paracord carry loop for securing the loss of the lid for providing ease of carry. The new bottle is made entirely of titanium alloy, including the cover, which is complemented by a silicone sealing ring at the top. The overall dimensions do not exceed 216 mm(8.5 inch) in height and 84 mm(3.3 inch) in diameter. The weight of the flask is exactly 280 grams(9.08 oz). The bottle fits about 1 liter of water.


New titanium flask Vargo Titanium Para-Bottle is now available for sales on the official website of the manufacturer with an estimated price of 160 USD. If you are looking for other reliable and environmentally safe water bottles, also consider options such asThermos Smart Lid Bottle, Welly Bottle and Stanley.

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$160 USD

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