Vinci Smart Headphones – First Smart Headphones With AI


Vinci smart headphones were introduced Inspero Inc. last year at Kickstarter project. The project was successful with lots of funding and support. Vinci headphones are smart devices that store music inside the wearable and they can connect to your smartphone via Wi-fi. The creators equipped Vinci with some smart MediaTek processors and sensors which would predict the type of music which you want to hear.

Vinci 1.0 had lots of useful features such as asking for songs you want to listen, automatically switching off the music while you take up the headphone and more. Vinci headphones have an excellent quality of sound. It features a touchscreen for inputting the song from Spotify, Soundcloud and more.Besides, headphones give you hands-free control of music. You can switch to any music you like with a voice command.

The only huge disadvantage about Vinci 1.0 was a battery life. The single charge could last only for the maximum of two hours. Therefore, you couldn’t enjoy the music you like as much as you want.

This season, Vinci is going to release the version 1.0 with improved battery life. The single charge of battery life should last for 7 hours of continuous listening to music. The old Kickstarter backers should be able to receive the improved version without the questions. Like the old version, it can predict the song you would like to listen based on your old habits.

Vinci plans to add more enhancements to the headphones in the future. Specifically, Vinci’s twin microphones can create binaural 3D audio recordings so that you can aurally feel just like you’re in the place you’ve been before.

However, if you want to purchase the new version for yourself, you can buy it for $99 at company’s website.

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$100 USD

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