Volleback’s 100 Year Hoodie Can Survive A Nuclear War


If you ever wanted to have a hoodie capable of surviving an apocalypse or, in case we manage to avoid it, give to your grandchildren many decades from now, a new sweatshirt from Volleback can satiate your desires. The 100 Year Hoodie completely justifies its name by being practically indestructible.

Guys from Volleback tried to destroy the 100 Year Hoodie by dragging it behind a truck, motorcycle, and a boat, hitting it with sparks from a grinder and finally drying it with a blowtorch. The sweatshirt did not only survive all trials, but you can hardly notice any damage on it at the end of the video which you can check out below.

You see the secret to its crazy durability and toughness is the fact it has been made using Kevlar, a famous synthetic fiber used in body armor and five times stronger than steel. Kevlar was spun into a knit material that is comfortable and makes the shirt very similar to hoodies made out of regular materials. The result is the 100 Year Hoodie capable of staying the same through decades.

The sweatshirt is extremely impervious to abrasions, tears, and cuts. Further, by using Kevlar designers made the hoodie capable of surviving through extreme temperatures – from -328 degrees Fahrenheit to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Since such extreme temperatures can’t be found on Earth, if you plan on destroying the sweatshirt you’ll probably have to wear it in space.

And the best thing of all, each 100 Year Hoodie is unique. When the material out of which this piece of garment is exposed to sunlight, it begins to get lighter in color. After a while each shirt will feature its unique aged look, that can change on a daily basis. Of course, since it’s made out of Kevlar, the price is a bit steep. You can buy it for $295, which may look line an insanely high price for a hoodie, but others won’t last for a century and still be comfortable to wear. Also, if your grandchildren decide to visit Mars one day many decades from now, the 100 Year Hoodie could be a perfect gift. If you are looking for other stylish hoodies check out ZBoss Inc hoodie.

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$295 USD

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