Volterman Is A Smart Wallet That Can’t Be Misplaced, and It Can Charge Your Phone Too, Wirelessly


The hot new trend dominating the tech world is making everything smart. We have smart lamps, smart speakers, smart pots, and even smart bed sheets. Now it’s time we get a smart wallet. With Volterman smart wallet you get a power station for charging your phone, an anti-theft system, and a Bluetooth distance alarm that will make sure you never leave your wallet behind. Now, I personally don’t like wallets, I keep everything in my pockets (a bit harder to do that during summer, but I manage), but once I saw Volterman it immediately piqued my interest. If I ever get a wallet, that wallet would have to be as good as this one, or better.

The smart wallet is designed in order to offer you as many functions as you can possibly imagine your wallet could have, and it looks nice too. The wallet is made out of premium leather, and aside from its smart capabilities it really looks stylish.

Volterman is here to replace your external battery. It comes with a built-in power bank capable of fully charging most smartphone batteries. The power bank comes in three flavors – 2,000mAh, 2,600mAh, and 5,000mAh. You decide which capacity you’ll get by picking one of the three different versions.

Volterman cardholder is the slim version capable of taking all of your credit cards along with a bit of cash. It is small, thin, and extremely slim especially because it comes with a 2,000mAh power bank. The bifold version is a regular version with plenty of room for cash and cards, along with a place for id cards and your driver license. It also comes with a 2,600mAh power bank. And finally, the travel version is the behemoth of the pack. It features room for cash, cards, passports, boarding passes, id cards, and more, and it features a huge, 5,000mAh power bank big enough to charge most smartphone batteries two times. Great for long travels when your main source of entertainment is your mobile device.

But having a power bank in your wallet isn’t something new and exciting, we already saw similar wallets. Volterman doesn’t just stop there, the wallet comes with a few other interesting capabilities. For instance, each version can be fitted with a wireless charging so you can just place your phone on top of it and charge it while drinking your morning coffee, or while eating lunch.

And yes, there’s more. Since we all are prone to forgetting out wallets as well as out smartphones (living an urban life where we are always in a hurry usually means we tend to leave stuff behind everywhere) but with Volterman you won’t leave the two behind, never again. The Bluetooth distance alarm will sound once you leave your wallet behind. Also, if you leave your smartphone, the wallet will start beeping so you have a simple alarm working with your wallet and your smartphone.

In case you somehow forget both the wallet and the smartphone, Volterman is equipped with a global GPS tracking so you can find it via the internet once arriving home. And if someone takes your wallet, the built-in camera will activate and record the thief so you have evidence of the theft. Finally, the wallet comes with a Wi-Fi hotspot so you don’t have to chase free Wi-Fi while abroad.

This neat little wallet can be pre-ordered on IndieGoGo. The project is currently amassing funds, and it managed to secure around 50 percent of the needed funds with more than a month left before the end of the campaign. The cardholder edition can be yours for $89, the bifold costs $119, and the travel wallet is priced at $157. If you pay additional $29 you can have a wireless charger capable of charging both your Volterman smart wallet and your smartphone. Also, each wallet comes with a charging cable, and three types of connectors (Mucro USB, USB-C, and an iPhone charging connector). What are you waiting for, grab one today!

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$89 USD

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