Voyager Smart – A Smart Wallet With A Locator, Pen & Notepad Combo, And A Selfie Remote


The latest trend when it comes to making stuff smart is unleashing the power of computing and putting it into wallets. Wallets are great, most of us can’t think to live a life without one (the rise of digital currencies might soon change that), and they are great as fashion accessories. So, why not get one that’s smart? Meet the Voyager Smart, a wallet that cannot get lost.

While not packed with features like the Volterman, the best wallet in the world, the Voyager Smart is one pretty capable smart accessory that looks pretty good. It is designed in a way to be able to take all of your cash and cards along with boarding passes, passports, and identity card, which is pretty nice. And it looks stylish too, making it quite desirable. And on top of all that you get one beautiful metallic pen along with a notepad (that’s taking one passports slot, but that’s fine).

And then we have smart capabilities. The locator enables you to find the wallet if it gets misplaced, and to find your phone by using the wallet – it will ring even if on silent. If you happen, you lose both just connect to your Chipolo account (the name of the companion wallet’s companion app) and see where you last left them.

So yeah, in order to use the Voyager Smart you have to install the companion app on your smartphone, which isn’t such a big deal. Next, you’ll receive instant notification on your phone every time you leave the Voyager Smart behind, and this interesting gadget can also be used to take selfies. Just place the phone on the perfect spot, double tap the Voyager Smart, and that’s it! You can get one of these on IndieGoGo for $49 (super early bird price so do hurry if planning on buying one), and for $69 (normal price).

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$69 USD

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