WakaWaka Solar Lamp – Perfect Source of Light


There are some situations in which you will need a light from the lamp when you go outdoors. As you might have guessed, there is always a problem of electricity when you go out. We usually use long lasting batteries, chargers from cars, etc… However the best solutions still remains using the solar power, because it’s always available.

Wakawaka solar lamp provides 16 hours of bright light if it’s fully charged (uner 8 hours of direct sun). When put to sunlight, the lamp charges up to 2,200 mAH at various speed, depeding on the power and intensivity of the sunlight. It has 5 different light modes, and you can control how much power it’s losing when used. You can even chose to charge right from computer’s USB port in case you don’t want to wait the sun. It is portable because of 7 ounce weight. It is worth buying it, if you spend much time outdoors. Part of money goes to people in developing nations who use kerosene for lighting homes


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$35 USD

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