Wall Walkers Backpack Allows You To Jump Out of Window Safely


Wall Walkers backpack was manufactured by the Japanese designer Cong Meng in 2016. Frightened by the latest earthquakes in Japan, he wanted to create something to make the world better place. This way, he created Wall Walkers Backpack – the backpack which can save your life in earthquake, fire and other dangers. The crowdfunding project for the accessory has been announced by Kickstarter.

From the outside, the bag looks like a life vest used by rescuers. At least the principles and mechanisms are the same. Firstly, you need to put on a backpack and zip all the buckles upside and T-buckles from the bottom. Then connect the carabiner hook to an anchor point which you can craft yourself at the wall. After that, you can safely escape from the window.

What is great about the backpack is that your hands will be free while using the device. You can stop at any window and you can jump straight away. The rollers with strong ropes will ensure that you will land slowly enough not to get hurt and safely enough to escape from the disaster.

You can pre-order Wall Walkers Safety Backpack from Kickstarter for $450. Estimated delivery date is August 2017.

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$453 USD

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