You Will Soon Be Able To Control Your Smartwatches Without Tapping Them


Researchers from Max Planck Institute for Informatics, the University of Copenhagen and Aalto University in Finland have successfully tested the concept of WatchSense – a wearable sensor which you can control without tapping it by your fingers. The new technology can be incorporated not only to smartwatches but also to smartphones and tablets.

Using WatchSense, you will be able to control the sensors by moving the fingers of one hand on and above the back of the other.  The sensor is three-dimensional meaning that it can recognize the motions in 3D level. It can realize your index finger and thumb as they move on the back of the hands. Coming to wearing the smartwatch, you should wear them on the forehand. You can assign different commands to different hand movements using a mobile application.

As for now, the WatchSense device functions by itself and must be connected to the target signal receiver separately. Technology allows you to easily copy the full range of commands used in Android versions of wrist gadgets. And to go further, adding elements of the interface for the augmented reality systems, which will become a large reserve for the future. The integration of the sensor in the smartwatches themselves is only a matter of investment and time.


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