We are Closer to Mainstream Wireless Charging EVs Thanks to ORNL


Most EV manufacturers are working hard to enable wireless EV charging for their newer versions of vehicles. Currently, the wireless charging technology is offered at the premium prices and the experience is still in its infancy. This type of fuelling convenience could help in the massive adoption of EVs.

There is a whole lot of innovation currently happening in this field. The electroad is the Isreali startup received $120,000 from the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety to test its wireless charging stations that will be embedded to the road. This will allow cars and buses to be charged while the vehicle is in motion. Engineers from Austria’s Graz University of Technology are working on special robot charging arms can that automatically plugs into an electric vehicle. It automatically detects an electric plug at the car and connects it to the charging station.

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have created a prototype that enables to wirelessly charge electric vehicles in 15 minutes or less. Currently, it takes about four hours to charge the empty EV using 7 kilowatts home charging point. ORNL is proposing an extreme fast-charging system that can deliver around 350 to 400 kilowatts. Although this milestone has not been reached yet, currently, the researchers have passed an important milestone –  a 120-kilowatt wireless charging system.

To do that, the technologists use two magnetic coils charge a battery pack over a distance of six inches. Coil paired with latest silicon carbide power electronic devices transfers six times more power than currently available. The team will move to a next stage where they will optimize this charging technology to make it faster and more efficient. It is also possible that researchers will use more powerful wireless charging pads which could be installed under roadways.


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