With Nomad-1 Your Nintendo Switch Will Finally Get A Headset It Deserves


Gaming headsets are often large, bulky and generally not very portable. In fact, they are the definition of mobile unfriendly devices. Sure, you can use them with your PC, or a console, but when we include handheld consoles and mobile devices in the formula, it is better to just get some earphones equipped with a mic, and not worry about looking like the biggest geek on the world if deciding to wear your gaming headset in the public. Luckily, there’s one gaming headset that is light, good-looking, and extremely portable. Take a look at the Nomad-1.

Nomad-1 was designed to be used with Nintendo Switch, the latest console from the famous gaming company. Because the Switch is a home and handheld console at the same time, using a classic gaming headset is next to impossible when you decide to play the latest Legend of Zelda while chilling in the park.

Further, Nintendo did nothing to help the needs of gamers that want to play their Switch during work breaks, or when commuting. The console sells without any kind of headphones, and Nintendo didn’t make one available for separate purchase. Since the company is known for overpricing accessories for its consoles, maybe it’s better that way.

Now, the Nomad-1 earphones is a pair of earphones that can be used as classic headphones, while listening to music or watching videos, but the creators wanted to make a perfect gaming headset for the Nintendo Switch, and they managed to deliver. The Nomad-1 looks more than solid; it features a gaming-friendly design with a combination of red and black color choices.

The earphones don’t take much space and can be carried inside a regular-sized pocket. Also, the two earphones are independent one from another, each having its own cord, looking like classic earphones we all use while listening to music on our smartphones. The earphones are ergonomically designed for long usage without any discomfort and they are equipped with ear hooks and ear tips so you can be sure they won’t drop while gaming. And since they fit inside the ear instead of using the good old over-the-ear design, forget about sweaty ears.

The Nomad-1 gaming headset comes with two mic options – the first is a classic boom mic for gaming sessions and the second mic with integrated play controls when using earphones with your mobile device. The Nomad-1 can be used with any console, PC, mobile phone, MP3 player, or tablet, but the headset is designed as a go-to choice for the Nintendo Switch. And we have to say that the guys behind the project made one excellent device that will be sought by every Switch owner.

The Nomad-1 is a perfect Nintendo Switch companion. The earphones are light and portable, they can be used with the Switch, or with any other device with a 3.5 mm audio jack (sorry iPhone 7 owners, the Nomad-1 is a wired solution), and they are extremely affordable.

If you hurry up you can pre-order a pair for just 20 buck, which is a crazy price. The normal pre-order price is $25, and the project already passed its funding down on the IndieGoGo, with one month to go. If you decide to pre-order the Nomad-1, the expected ship date is August 2017. Once the headset arrives in retails stores the price will be set at $50, still a pretty solid price for a portable gaming headset.

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$20 USD

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