With TOPS Knives Slingshot You Will Return To Childhood In An Instant


One of the favorite toys of our childhood was the slingshot. The tiny contraption was amazing and we all had at least one when we were young. The tiny contraption was used for taking down cans while we practiced our aim but it was as fun to simply sling tiny rocks in the local pond. Slingshots aren’t as popular as they were decades ago when we, the adults, were just kids wanting to play outside. Today’s kids grow up surrounded by tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices, and most of them don’t know about the simple joy of playing with a slingshot all day, every day. Today, we are old but we still want to play with our toys. And although gadgets replaced childhood toys, the TOPS Knives Slingshot will take your back to your childhood in an instant.

The slingshot is the child of the TOPS Knives president, Leo Espinoza. Espinoza wanted to bring back the spirit of his childhood so he decided to personally design the slingshot. “Childhood memories. That’s why I designed it. I was just thinking back to when I was a kid and I used to make my own and wanted to do that again,” Espinoza explained why his latest design isn’t a titanium pocket knife but a simple slingshot.

The result is phenomenal; the TOPS Knives Slingshot looks nice, it features refined army design, and while it is just a slingshot, just one look at it will uncover the amount of love embedded in its design.

It is made out of tumble finished 1095 steel, mated to black canvas Micarta handle scales. The handle looks like a handle of some top-quality pocket knife, and it provides steady grip for all of us adventurers who want to take it with us on our journeys. The rubber band is thick and rugged, and it will stay intact even after thousands of uses. The TOPS Knives Slingshot can be used for hunting small game, like many of us did during childhood when we hunted for birds, or mice running around barns. But, as we did back in the day, it will be mostly used for plain, simple fun.

Once you have your fun with it, you can put it in the brown leather belt loop sheath featuring company’s logo. the whole thing measures up at 6.25 inches in length and 6.7 ounces so you won’t even notice it while stashed inside the belt loop sheath.

The TOPS Knives Slingshot can be a great way to take your kid outside. Just take the slingshot, take your kid with you and head outside to learn it how to have fun without a smartphone and a tablet, among trees and dense grass of the nearby forest.

The TOPS Knives Slingshot can also be an excellent present for a friend who never grew up and who still likes to fire from a BB gun. The TOPS Knives Slingshot can be yours today for just $100.

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$100 USD

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