Withings Hair Coach Smart Brush – Takes your Hair-care to a Next Level


If you really want to take care of your hair starting from this year, Withing is preparing Withings Hair Coach smart brush for fall 2017. Teaming up with L’Oreal, Withings is planning to revolutionize your hair care process.

Withings Hair Coach Smart Brush

Although the brush looks like an ordinary one, it can do amazing things. Once it is connected to your device, the brush diagnoses the health of your hear and gives feedback in a smartphone app. It carefully captures the brushing patterns and identifies damaged, dry hair. There is a built in microphone too. The brush detects  frizziness, dryness, breakage, and even split ends.


The app also gives recommendations for transforming your hear. You can also get customized brushing techniques and care tips.

The price of the new item is not known yet. It is expected to appear in fall 2017.

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