YDrive Is A Wireless External Hard Drive For Your Mobile Device


On the one hand, smartphones get better and better screens, their cameras can match the quality of mainstream digital camera models, and the latest processors can match those found in entry-level laptops. But, two things stall for years. Batteries and internal memory. While there are lots of cases providing extra juice as well as an excellent choice of external power banks, we don’t have lots of external storage solutions that can be used with smartphones. The YDrive changes that with its micro size, mega storage space, and the ability to transfer data wirelessly.

While most Android phones come with SD card slots, Apple, and some Android smartphone manufacturers (yes, we are talking about you Google) just refuse to offer expandable storage on iPhones, iPads, and Google-branded devices such as Pixel and Nexus line of devices.

While storage is staying the same, games, apps, videos, and operating systems tend to take more and more space, often forcing you to delete some apps, games, music, and videos in order to have enough storage for an update or for installing a cool new game that takes 4 gigabytes of storage space.

The YDrive solves all your storage problems, and it does that with style. The device looks like a USB drive; it is light as a feather and smaller than all external hard drives. It comes in lots of sizes. The smallest one offers 64 gigabytes of space, and the flagship version comes with one terabyte of storage! On top of all that, you can equip the YDrive with an SD card and expand the storage further.

You use the drive by pairing it to your phone and just start transferring files. The device can wirelessly share files meaning you can store all of your music and videos on the YDrive, keep it in your backpack or inside a pocket and the drive will automatically stream music and video files to the mobile device.

Also, the drive features a USB 3.1 connector so you can transfer files to and from your computer, making the YDrive perfect for those who tend to work on different computers and don’t like cloud storage services. The YDrive can be pre-ordered on IndieGoGo with the 64GB version sporting a price of $49. If you want to have more space the 128GB version costs $69, 256GB of space comes with a price tag of $100, 512GB version can be yours for $149, and the biggest one sporting 1TB of space will knock $189 out of your pocket.

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$49 USD

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